English Call: 1. May 2014 – that’s not all… RISE UP!

Freedom of Movement now!
Anti-racist and Anti-capitalist Evening-Demo
30.April / 18.30h / Bahnhof Altona

Make capitalism history!
Anti-capitalist/Class-militant block on the DGB Demo
1.Mai / 10:30h / U Lohmühlenstraße

We are told every day that there is no alternative to capitalism. We want to voice our dissent! The miserable living conditions for most people in capitalism show that a different world is necessary and the small and big fights show, that nothing is decided yet!

If we take a look at Europe…
… we see states tarnished by the crisis that are forced into austerity by the EU, which implies the privatisation of state-owned companies and cut-backs in public spending. In Southern Europe the wages have been lowered; mass unemployment, the dramatic deterioration of health services and homelessness force people into poverty and misery. Thousands of people protest against this in the streets, they gather in public spaces, go on strike in their workplaces and start to organise resistance. The general strikes, mass protests, prevention of evictions of tenants and the occupation of public squares, houses and factories are an encouraging signal!

… we think of the fierce confrontation about Gezi Park in Istanbul, a struggle against neoliberal urban development and about public spaces but also one of many struggles against repressive state policy and authoritarian rulers.

If we look further…
…we see social conflicts in many countries. In Brazil a price increase in public transport had to be withdrawn after protests. Millions of people demonstrated against the major events Soccer World Cup 2014 and Olympia 2016 that cost billions. Instead the protesters demand better access to education and health services. The anger of the people is also directed at police violence, corrupt administrations and other grievances.

And in Hamburg…
… a lot of things are happening! On 1 May 2013 refugees formed the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ and held their first public action to fight against the European asylum laws and for the recognition of their situation as refugees of war from Libya. In the following months a wave of solidarity swept through the city and thousands of people took to the streets with a surprising intensity to demand a Europe of Solidarity. The reasons for flight, migration and racism were repeatedly adressed. Pupils from all over Hamburg went on strike for one day and demonstrated through the city center and in front of the party headquarters of the ruling SPD.

… the demolition of the ESSO-houses lead to more protests. The demolition is symbolic for the destruction of affordable housing, the commercialization of public spaces and the restructuring of whole districts into luxury status.

Make capitalism history
The capitalist economic model is based on global and individual exploitation and inevitably produces poverty, social division and wars.
The German state with its extensive experience in dismantling social and employment rights is a driving force in putting the European populations into competition with each other. The consequences of this brutal competition are general cuts in social services. This offers a fertile ground for right-wing and fascist propaganda. We strongly reject any nationalistic logics that are all too often even adopted by the trade unions.
On 1 May, the international workers day, millions of people take to the streets all over the world to fight for a better life. Together and in solidarity we fight against competition and division and for a good life for all: In trade unions, social movements or at the grass roots in the workplace, neighborhood or in school or university. Wherever it is possible we should link our struggles, organise ourselves and act collectively.
With an independent block on the trade union (DGB) demonstration we want to make our radical approach visible. We don‘t want just slightly higher wages here or better working conditions there – we want a radically different society! To achieve a society without exploitation and oppression we all have to learn to take our affairs into our own hands instead of delegating our interests to the state or institutions. This is the only chance to develop alternatives to capitalism and the racist fortress Europe. See you on the streets!